In the morning, come, shine on me. Through these curtains, let sunshine bleed. In the morning, come, shine on me - I am sleeping in this coffin, please resurrect me. I am faded, dimmed by the dark. I’m afraid it will fade my heart. I am lulled, I'm drunk, I am lost like the devil turned my alarm off. Resurrect me. And the dark around my throat won’t let me go, it just keeps on choking me. And the dark around my throat won’t let me go. I am faded – Can I be ungreyed? For I am faded and I don't want to melt away. In the morning, come, shine on me.

I'll Never Love

Tore these petals one by one and said “Loves me much or loves me none.” Forgive me for this testing tongue, Forgiver. And I still believe with my utmost though you’ve faded to the faintest ghost. If all you’ll give’s your afterglow - I'll take it. 'Cause I can't cope. I was told to raise my withering hands and pray for all that God has planned but I could only hold my arms so long. And where is this promised help you'd send, 'cause these saints are just wolves in sheep's skin. I am one man and I am not that strong, and I can't cope. Well I don't want love but I don't want none and I don't want friends but I sure need some, 'cause the world is off and yeah I'm off myself. And the world is ill and I'm ill of health. If the love ain't worth the strain I’ve felt, I don't want my frozen heart to melt. And if this prayer doesn't work then know like you that I am hurt, and like you I have never loved another. I've never loved another. I'll never love.

For You

Little one, don't follow your mother's lead, don't even follow me - I am a crooked street. Momma loves you, and Daddy sure loves you too but don't be us or do what we do - We're not what you'd want to turn into. I am a criminal, and she is a prostitute. Little one, I am a twisted tree; you are my twisted seed - came from my twisted leaf. And what I fear most is what you are yet to be, if you aren't already withering, if you're cursed to be worse than me. I am a criminal, and your father so what does that mean for you?

Ocean Floor

Out of air, and still too scared of what waits at the surface. Made a home, but you're alone - hiding comes with its curses. The work is that of going back and getting what got away, and I'm unwell, still tell myself "home’s a place I can make” when it's a place I can't make. You sank to the ocean floor where you wouldn't sink anymore. You sank to the ocean floor, what’d you go and do that for? When the tide pulls your heart away, sinking bones and collapsing veins, will your soul go, or will it stay? Where does it go anyway? You sank to the ocean floor, where you wouldn't sink anymore. You sank to the ocean floor - and what'd you have to follow for?

Not Going Yet

Pray until the kingdom comes that I’d go from an orphan to a son, but I'm no one's child and no one's bride - I'm the only love of mine. And in your arms I was still alone - this house never really was my home. Leave this ring, this promise off - I could run and never stop. I'll never stop. And it's said for men like me to bathe ourselves in holy streams but I'm afraid I'll melt away – I’m melting. It's coming but I'm not going yet.

Not Even Close

In a moment it's over so no, I don't want to get older. And sure these hours are trying, but I'm more scared of dying. Don't let me. And the preacher keeps praying 'cause my soul’s in need of saving. And the preacher keeps hoping but even I have been hoping and well, look at me. And those fuckers they left me with these thoughts that have kept me. It's either me that's gone crazy or I'm right and just maybe I need you. Could I be your exception; the one hellion in heaven? 'Cause I'm not that forgiving and I'm nowhere done sinning - not even close.


My troubled friends and I aimed high our lowly eyes - we sought a saviour in the sky but we saw stars - they were too far. So we set sail on our creaking ships, swam beneath the ocean’s surface. We sought a saviour in the sea but we found pirates with undealt-with grudges. So we sank with our fathers to the sad sea depths, where all the sunken sailors went to meet – we went. And with all this salt and sand, we hope we’ve tried our best: we’ve made homes of submarines – learned how the mermaids rest. You sent us sinking, hope we’d drown and die in the sea. Got me thinking: we're as blessed as we can be and we're not thirsty anymore. And it took a little while, a little trouble to see that if God was even there, he don't care about me. God don't really care about me. Do you care about me?

All Is Well

I am ill of fighting a war I never invited. 'Cause what's the point of something - what for - if it melts to nothing? And hopeful men were saying, they said, "Winter has Spring waiting.” But Summer, Fall, then Winter again, always warmed to shiver and I'm shivering. Sought the lord, found little to none but found plenty a devil. Well, I don't want your plenty – I don’t, and where I was seeking someone – I won’t. I’m a fool, a sucker – naïve: thought I found a lover. And though I am shattered, I know. I know. I know I don’t matter – I’m over soon, and all is well.