In 2010, a group of Vancouver, BC craigslist recruits joined frontman Leo Song to form The Farewell Folks, first starting with Trent Hopton, and later to be joined by James Peter Watkins as lead guitarist and producer, Emma Magirescu as keyboardist and co-vocal, and Sean Witzke as drummer and percussionist.

The Folks spent two years writing and recording demos out of their Vancouver jam space, until in June 2013, the band took off to Kelowna, BC to record their debut album. In a unique rural setting, the band spent 22 days tracking and living with alpacas. The month long recording process allowed the band to stretch their sound and draw from a wide range of influences including Youth Lagoon, Kanye West and American Football. When the band returned to Vancouver, guitarist and producer/engineer James Watkins took to perfecting the band's recorded efforts, finishing off with the release of their self-titled debut album The Farewell Folks.

The record features intimate, haunting lead vocals from Leo Song and Emma Magirescu delivering almost-too-personal lyrics to a backdrop of dynamic, cinematic, twinkly accompaniment enhanced by drummer, Sean Witzke and bassist Trent Hopton. The five members of The Farewell Folks bring a wide range of musical leanings and technical aesthetics to the table, but their resulting album speaks for itself. As a band that idealized itself for the studio from day one, The Farewell Folks culminates self-deprecative, believable songwriting with a healthy dose of post-production ear-candy.